Creating Action

We generated a series of concepts, ideas and recommendations for action, using the evidence and insight generated by this project.  We’ve whittled our many ideas, for now, down to just nine:

Recommendation 1:

Let’s stop throwing good money at campaigns and interventions that don’t have an impact

Recommendation 2:

Build the confidence and self-worth of the region

Recommendation 3:

Closely target our communications

Recommendation 4

More ethnographic research is needed to make best use of our insights

Recommendation 5:

Focus on the behaviours of the “persuadable middle” aka the “moderately unhealthy”

Recommendation 6:

Health and care staff should be developed as ambassadors

Recommendation 7:

Share more responsibility with communities, better use GM’s assets

Recommendation 8:

Train professionals in design thinking and behaviour change – make things more human!

Recommendation 9:

Create a dedicated GM platform for public and staff insight – build on this great work