Creating Action

The insights generated by this project can be used to enhance existing / devise new programmes and interventions based on targeting specific groups with specific needs. To do this, we recommend to:

  • Present our insights to local health and fitness leaders to compare and further validate our findings. This would ideally take the form of a physical workshop with groups including healthy lifestyle commissioners, heads of leisure/parks services, I Will You Will campaigners and any other groups with an interest in taking a data-led approach to solving this challenge.
  • Identify organisations with whom we could partner (e.g. I will You will) and develop joint programmes and interventions to help the people of Greater Manchester get active.
  • Work with partners to develop a public manifesto for the use of human-centred design approaches when developing and improving programmes and facilities within Greater Manchester. For instance, our findings demonstrate that while people lack the confidence to take part in group exercise, and they are also calling for more support groups. These findings seem at odds with one another, yet if we apply a human-centred approach, then we would design classes specifically for people with a certain condition or experience (e.g. classes specifically for overweight people or walking groups for people with knee-injuries).